Pharmacy Aide

Pharmacy Aide

Pharmacy Aide

A pharmacy aide assists in stocking and running the pharmacy. They perform all the clerical duties required to support the pharmacist and their technicians. If you enjoy secretarial work, but would like to get out of the standard office setting, consider becoming a pharmacy aide!

Fast facts

Minimum Degree Required: High School Diploma

Top Skills: Customer Service, Organization, Computer Skills

Average Beginning Salary: Varies

Job Description

In some ways, a pharmacy is like any other retail store — customers come in, looking for a particular item, they are helped, and they pay for their goods. A pharmacy aide helps customers by checking them into the computer system and verifying their doctor and insurance information. Though the shelves are not available for customers to browse, all medicines must be kept well stocked and organized in the pharmacy, so that the pharmacist and her technicians can easily find a patient’s prescribed medication. An aide also acts as a secretary for the pharmacy; they answer calls, take down notes for the pharmacist, and run necessary errands.


Only a high school diploma or GED is required to become a pharmacy aide. However, any past experience in an office or retail setting will likely assist you in the application process.


Not Required

Job Outlook: Fair

No specific data is available for pharmacy aides, as salary varies by state, pharmacy, and hours worked. Medical assistants and aides as a whole are doing well, with a growth rate just above average.

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