About ‘Exploring Medical Careers’

I’m just a Dad… and my wife is a school teacher. We’re parents to 3 teenage girls; one now in college, and two who will be in the next couple years.

When we started talking to the girls about what they thought they’d like to do for a career, or where they thought they’d like to go to college, or what they thought they’d study, we always just got a lot of confused faces and answers. And then usually something like “I think maybe something in the medical field.” When we tried to push on from there, we got nowhere… my wife is an elementary school teacher, but we quickly realized that we weren’t any help to them as we knew nothing about the medical field, as to what type of jobs and careers were available, what type of degrees you could get or were required, where you’d go to college for them, etc, etc. We started searching around the internet and was surprised to find that there were really no websites out there designed to really help high school kids navigate thru these decissions. I have a little website design background, and so I decided to undertake this project.

I started out with the three basic questions;

– What careers are available in the medical field?

– What degrees do you need to get into these careers?

– What colleges and universities offer these degrees?

It took a while, and a lot of work and expense, but I built this website that very thoroughly addresses all three of these questions, in a way that I have found nowhere else on the internet. The databases currently include well over 50 different medical related careers and, I believe, every college and university in the nation. The cool thing about the website is that you can work thru these questions in any direction you’d like… normally I imagine a kid would want to study the careers first until they find something that interests them, then from there they can learn about the degrees they would need for that career, and then they can find the schools that offer that degree. They can always filter the search results at any step… ie, they can filter careers for any that only have an excellent job outlook. Or they can filter schools by location, or even by SAT or ACT schools needed for acceptance.

Or if a kid knows he/she has to go to a school near home, they can start with the school, see what degrees are offered there, and then learn about the careers those degrees would qualify them for.

I am very proud how well Exploring Medical Careers turned out. Take some time and look around.  I hope you’ll find the website useful.

(PS And if you do, I’d appreciate anything you can do to help us spread the word, even if it is just liking our Facebook page by clicking the link on the left. Thanks!)

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